Upcoming Product Updates!

Hello Fellow Posters!

Wow – It’s has been really long time since our last update. The Postly team has been hard at work on some exciting updates that we want to share with you now.

Introducing Highlights –

We’ve heard your feedback on our Discovery section. In general, you seem to love having access to all your favorite channels in one place. That said, sometimes you just want to view recent content across all of your channels in one place. To facilitate this we have built a highlights feature that sits at the top of your discovery page. Clicking on highlights takes you to a view where you can swipe through content at your leisure. We always show you the most recent content across all of your channels. In the future, we may add a random factor similar to StumbleUpon. Our goal is to make your interaction with highlights a fun and sometimes surprising experience.

Introducing Kudos –

giphy (1)
Kudos are a great way to thank friends for sharing great content. In the future, we’ll allow searching on content you’ve Kudo’d in the past. When you click the kudo button your friend gets a notification telling them that you Kudo’d their post.

This is just the beginning and we are very excited to iterate on this feature with your feedback.

As always you can send feedback to team@postly.co. We love hearing from fellow posters

– Team Postly

Introducing Discover!

Fellow Posters,

We are excited today to announce the latest update to our mobile application v1.12! It comes with a host of new features, one of which is our discovery section.

Now you can get ”real” news, information and entertainment that interests you without leaving Postly. Discover is a great way to share content and articles with your friends and family. See something you want to share? Want to get your best friend’s take or spark a conversation? The Repost feature lets you effortlessly spread quality content privately within your own network.

Channels - first land@2x.png

When you open Postly, you’ll notice the bottom navigation menu has changed, enabling you to select the discovery channels that you like–general news, pop culture, fashion, sports, food, games, comedy etc… You choose your channels and then just tap one for the latest content. You can add or remove channels at any time. Best of all, they won’t intrude on the posts people share with you!

Open Postly now and select your channels. Don’t forget the Postly bookmarking feature for interesting information that you want to retrieve later!

As always, we’d love your feedback on this new feature! Please send comments to team@postly.co.

Postly Profiles

Fellow Posters,

We are starting a new mini-series featuring real Postly users. As we grow it’s important to showcase how people are using the app. So without further ado –

Meet Tara K. – Tara is a food scientist, triathlete, outdoor enthusiast and documentary lover.


How do you use Postly today?

I use Postly to share things with my boyfriend and well, our friends! We really do have a great list of items bookmarked in our thread and friend groups. I really enjoy sharing pictures on Postly because of the quality and the ability to zoom in and out on the details. It’s almost like a bookmark place for all of our links/pictures/stories. We have a great music thread where we post all of the great songs we find. It’s almost like a library for me when I need a little pick me up music at work.

In what ways do you find Postly unique from other networks?

It’s all content. I don’t have to scroll through message after message to get to that one link that was mentioned in a conversation. The conversation happens around the content itself which makes it easier to navigate.


I don’t have to scroll through

message after message to get to that

one link that was mentioned

in a conversation.

How does Postly complement your interests/hobbies?

I usually find a lot of interesting sports articles and videos that I like to save and share with friends. This can be anything from “800ers’ Thoughts During XC” to Mara Abbott’s recap of her race in Rio. I like to post pictures of recent trips or events that I’ve done and Postly is great for that because there’s usually one or two pictures that really capture that weekend. I don’t feel the need to post all of my pictures in an album for everyone.

How does Postly encourage you to “be yourself”?

Honestly, I share a lot more on Postly because it is so private. I don’t have to worry about what the rest of the world will think if I post a link because no one else will see it except for the people I choose. I don’t have to adjust and re-adjust my privacy settings like I do on Facebook. It’s very simple and I appreciate simplicity. Most people probably avoid posting things on Facebook nowadays because it is so public. Postly lets me share things without having to worry about being judged. It’s like a private bookmarking space for my friends and I.



              Tell us how Postly has enhanced your life! Contact julie@postly.co

New Quick Post Feature!


Sharing content with your friends on Postly just got a lot easier!

Postly is already an excellent way to share dynamic content, and now it’s become a lot more convenient. In one of our newest updates you may notice a content toolbar at the top of the page.  You can see this toolbar when you are viewing a group or a thread.  Simply tap the icon that represents the content you want to share and you’re on your way to starting an exciting conversation that much quicker!

Try it out and tell us what you think! Feel free to reach out to Team Postly in your friend’s list or send us an email: team@postly.co

Happy Sharing!

-Team Postly

Nature, Fear, and Close Friends

A much more serene part of the trail that made the whole trip worth it. 

I’m a junkie for the great outdoors.  Whenever I can, I hike, climb or simply travel short distances for the sake of being outside.  Destination trips are always adventures, but sometimes “stay-cations” can be just as fun.  Living in Athens Georgia is convenient for this reason – mountains, waterfalls and gorges are about an hour north west.  Spur of the moment hiking trips are therefore a regular occurrence.  I often share my experiences on social media to share the beauty of the day with everyone on my friends list… people I speak with daily as well as people I’ve spoken to only a few times.  My philosophy is that if I can share an awe-inspiring moment that can be universally appreciated by the masses, I may have brightened someone’s day somewhere.  I also share for less “pure” reasons… when someone looks at my profile, they’ll see pictures the great outdoors as well pictures of other activities I enjoy, and all of these pictures have something in common… They scream “Look at how cool my life is!”   I’ll be the first to admit that when I post on both Instagram and Facebook, it’s for “likes” and comments as much as it is for sharing my life experiences.  I find no shame in that.

There are inspiring moments, however, that are personal revelations… private in nature that I’d rather not broadcast to the world.  Being an enthusiastic explorer, for example, does not make me immune to fear, especially the fears that I’m most embarrassed by.

I recently went hiking through the Tallulah Gorge floor in Georgia.  The gorge is a beautiful rift in the earth with rocky streams and waterfalls every few hundred feet. When you stand on the floor of the gorge and look up, you are reminded of how great and massive the planet is, and that you’re only a small component of a much larger – more epic – existence… an addictive feeling. I love everything about the gorge – the sound of rushing water, the wildlife, the serenity you find when you’re there alone.  Well, I love almost everything about the gorge…  There are parts of the gorge floor trails that require you to cross the river through rushing water and rocks.  I’m very much irrationally afraid of the idea of losing my footing while navigating across slippery rocks and rushing water – it’s not aqua-phobia (I love being in and near water) but I my legs shake, heart-races and I’m always close to tears when I’m in rushing water without any idea how deep the next step will be. It’s a physical reaction – an anxiety that I struggle to control.  Only those closest to me (well… and now you) know this about me. For someone who takes pride in seeming “adventurous” on social media, being stalled by a few rocks in a river is pretty embarrassing.

I went to the trails to overcome this fear and I learned two things:

1.  Never face your fears alone.  I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to make the journey alone.  Perhaps I thought that overcoming this anxiety was a personal experience that only I could take charge of. Maybe I let pride get the best of me.  Regardless of the reason… it was a stupid decision.  Have you ever seen a small cat stranded on a rooftop or in a tree?  That was me… but on a rock.  Pathetic.

2.  There’s another place I can share these personal experiences without fear of judgment. Postly. I travel a lot.  I network.  I have a lot of facebook “friend” that aren’t close friends. Long-story short, I shared my fear along with photos on Postly instead of other networks because…. let’s face it, it’s a pretty ridiculous fear… and I wanted moral support from people that I knew cared.  I can imagine the comments on facebook from people I “friended” years ago that would have access to a very personal moment had I shared it… perhaps they would be supportive and perhaps not.  Perhaps they would say something disrespectful and perhaps not. On a giant social network where it’s appropriate to use the term “audience” to describe one’s list of friends, the anxiety of sharing something personal is overwhelming. There’s a need for another space – a safer space where my friends list is actually a list of real friends.  Only the people I knew cared and I knew would be supportive saw my Postly post.  For that reason, I didn’t feel like I was facing my fear alone.  All of the sudden I was with my buddies as they coached me across the river.  Without Postly, I may have been stuck there for hours.

I snapped photos, picked my friends and shared my struggle.  It was just us in a shared moment and Postly let me keep it that way.

-Adriana Thomas

12 Reasons you should get Postly now!

12 reasons.png

1. Declutter.

2. Prioritize your Besties–Share with those who love you for you.

3. Prune the friend tree.

4. Skip the cruise ship, the party’s always better on a yacht with real friends.

5. You can be real, everyone loves you for you.

6. Find that post Tom sent you last week.

7. Share something really personal.

8. Make plans.

9. Control who sees what and when.

10. Let someone know how much you care–invite them to your Postly.

11. Create that group with your close friends to share music, places to visit, food porn.

12. Cool Points – prove you had Postly before everyone else.

Back to the Basics of Social Media – Why Phone Contacts are Where to Start

Be honest; how many Facebook notifications do you have currently? 5, 10, 20? That is, if you still use Facebook.

We are all drowning in these useless notifications and irrelevant feeds. We have too many “friends,” too much noise, and too little context to make sense of or care about the majority of what we see through our profiles on a daily basis. I no longer see the engagement or actual conversations that were occurring in the early days of Facebook and other social networks.  The Facebook algorithm simply can’t sort through the noise, and I don’t want a machine telling me what I should or shouldn’t check out based on what I’ve liked.

When did the act of logging into Facebook transition from something we were excited about to a necessary chore? There’s no fear of missing out (FOMO) when it comes to Facebook anymore. If anything, we don’t login due to the fear of wasting time.

The people we actually care to stay connected with are now a subset of our friends or follower lists. So where does the true social network lie? How can we get back to the days when social media mattered and we were excited to see what our actual friends were up to?

Here’s a hint…it starts with your phone. The collection of contacts on your smartphone represents a group of people who (for the most part) are willing to take your call or text. Outside of a couple random numbers you’ve forgotten to erase, the address book is where you keep the people you love and want to stay in touch with. Connecting with them is a click or two away with a phone call or text message, which is how it should be.

Instead of uploading your entire email contact list or your portfolio of Facebook friends, the foundation of your Postly experience will be connecting with your phone contacts. We won’t limit you to only connecting with people who are in your phone address book, but we also won’t attempt to convince you to add everyone you’ve ever come across. We believe in building relationships that you care about, not tagging a million people in a pic or poking people so maybe they will like you. Postly will remain your clean and private social safehaven when the rest of the online social world gets too noisy.

Are you really still excited to login each day to your social media accounts, or does it feel more like a chore? Get back the social media experience you used to enjoy.

We welcome you to give Postly a shot because we won’t overload you with a news feeds – we empower you to share want you want with who you want.

New Postly Video!

Fellow Posters,
We just launched out new landing page (www.postly.co) following our long anticipated android launch and with it comes an awesome video from  our friends at Volan Media. We wanted a video that embodied the spirt of what we are building at Postly and in short… they NAILED IT! Check the spot out here: Postly Video Spot.
You may recognize the music as TOBU – Life. Shout out to Toms Burkovskis aka TOBU for letting us use his song. It was a perfect addition. If you liked the music check out more of TOBU on Soundcloud!
– The Postly Team

Postly – Now on Android!

Fellow Posters,

We appreciate your patience over the last few months. It’s been a bit of a mess getting Android v1.0 out the door but I’m excited to announce that on Tuesday we officially launched on Google Play! We’ll be working to constantly improve the Android version through your feedback. Feel free to hit us up at feedback@postly.co. We read and respond to everything! It’s important that we work with our community to improve our mobile apps over the coming months.


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.17.23 PM.png


Stay tuned for a blog post detailing our next big iOS/Android update!



A Better Social Media Experience: Postly’s Groups, Threads, and Stories

Likes, favorites, retweets, heart-shaped icons, followers, friends, news feeds, collections…when did social media get so complicated, and does it really have to be this way?

Maybe complicated is the wrong word. It feels like every network claims to be “simple” and “easy-to-use,” but when designed to take as much of our time as possible because it’s what’s profitable, is it really simple?

Well…not all social media services approach what they provide solely as a way to make money, and that includes Postly. At Postly, we believe valuable social networks are compiled of three things — groups, threads, and stories. We’ve stripped down what you once knew as a news feed and have banished likes…but you’ll love it.

Does that seem “simple?” Well, it is. Here’s a quick look into each of our three components, and why they’re vital to an enjoyable and beneficial social media experience.



Not every conversation is meant for everyone, nor are they all intended to be between two people. Organizations, associations, political parties, companies, and even families show us the importance of groups in our everyday lives. Not only do groups work well within physical groups, but they are vital to online communities.

Look at where the roots of Facebook grew from. It started as a group-based social network; allowing students within a school to share with each other. They then began to spread their wings and switched to a broadcast-to-all model. In 2010, Facebook revamped their group feature, and although it may just be a coincidence or a small piece of the puzzle, it was their greatest year of growth with a 69% increase in active users.

Postly knows the power and importance of groups, and wants to give that power to each user; allowing them to create and manage their own groups and who they want to share with. It takes less than a minute to setup a group and what you share in a group stays in the group. Check out Postly Groups here.



Text messaging opened up a whole new way to communicate one-on-one virtually. From messaging to live chats, threads go back to AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and are still being developed in new ways, just look at SnapChat.

Threads 5.png

Threads are individual channels that allow two people, like best friends, a couple, or two people working on a project together to keep each other updated while being able to conveniently keep track of the conversation. It’s private and easy to use.



News feeds are a crowded mess, but they’ve been able to stick around because we like to see what our friends and family members are up to and to keep them updated on what we’re working on.

Instead of throwing our thoughts into a deep well where a few people who want to hear them get that opportunity, stories allow members to see messages without disrupting their experience.
Friends Open 13.png

Postly’s Stories are like the titles of books on a shelf. You can skip to the next title or dive deep into the book you’re interested. With news feeds, you’re given portions of chapters that aren’t relevant to you and force you to skim through the full book to even find the title or decide which to look into further.

See how groups, threads, and stories will give you a better and simpler social media experience by signing up for what we believe is the coolest and best way to keep people you care about posted — Postly.