The Postly Story: Why the World Needs Another Social Network

Where we’re going to end up isn’t always clear in the beginning. Ever since social media began in the late 1990’s with sites like Six Degrees and various blogging platforms, it’s been changing and growing. It wasn’t until 2005 and 2006 that YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter started to set the standards of what we expect social media to look and feel like. Although many of the changes over the past decade have been positive, there’s still a lot to come in the near future.

You could say that Postly started years ago due to my frustrations with social media. Facebook gave us a way to communicate with almost anyone we knew, but there were limits with how we were able to create our own experience. Instead of allowing us to truly express ourselves and own our profiles, they put my posts side by side with app updates and other junk in the feed.

Instead of relying on Facebook or any other social media company to create an experience that I and similar Millennials wanted, I decided to lead the charge myself. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to do it at the time, but I took it upon myself to create something that gives people more freedom to express themselves through social media, and allows them to stay posted on the things they actually care about. After all, if we can’t show who we are or connect with what we care about, how deep and meaningful are the relationships we start and build through social media?

But Aron, there’s so much out there, how could something be missing?

Nobody was looking for a new social network when Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat came into our lives to provide a better experience. We too often settle for what’s already out there instead of sticking to what we actually want. Creating an amazing social product isn’t about reinventing the wheel or providing everything to everyone, it’s about making sharing, connecting, and in some ways, life, easier.

Enter Postly.

Unfortunately, building something simple and easy to use isn’t always easy. On top of that… making a social network people will love is near impossible to accomplish. Several years and many iterations after starting this project, the early version of Postly is ready for the world…or at least you and your friends.

Postly is a private, simple, and easy to use social network. You can have one-on-one threads with friends, create groups to share with, and choose who you share content with. We’ve traded out noisy news feeds and likes for clean and simple posting, just how it should be.

The hardworking Postly team includes myself — Aron Beierschmitt, software engineer and former Pizap Co-Founder & CTO Ryan Holoubek, designer Lean Wan and developer Tim Smith. We can’t wait to see what you have to share, that is if you want to share with us.Postly may be the new kid on the block, but the roots were planted over ten years ago, and we’re working hard to build a strong and valuable social experience that meets your needs and grows with you.

Ready to try Postly? Sign up here, invite a few friends, and see why we’re so excited about how Postly can simplify your social life and create stronger relationships with the people you care about.



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