Two Ways Online Ads Can Stop Sucking

Annoying Friend

Online ads are like that one person that won’t leave you alone no matter how hard you try to escape them. You know who I’m talking about, right? It always starts off innocent enough and you know deep down they aren’t a bad person, they just don’t get the hint that you’re trying your hardest to avoid them.

Ads can be exactly like the “friend” that never leaves you alone. They follow you from page to page and seem to pop up every place you visit.

There’s not much to like when it comes to the current state of online advertising. Pop-ups, banner ads, and spam emails — online advertisers have lost sight of providing opportunities. In other words, they suck. But, do online ads really have to?

Ads are a product, and if packaged the right way, they can bring value to both the “buyer” (the user) and the “seller” (website/app). There are many ways to package them, but we at Postly believe in a future of effective online ads that bring value to users on apps and websites will develop in two ways.

Decrease Frequency, Increase Relevance

Ads all over

Nearly every page we visit is littered with ads, most of them completely irrelevant to your online experience and preferences. We need to get back to the basics of selective selling and presenting valuable opportunities. By displaying a limited number of relevant ads to each user, engagement will increase while improving their experience. Just imagine how much nicer it would be to have white space again while you’re checking your email or replying to a thread from a friend.

An offer a session instead of a dozen ads sprinkled throughout each page is a win-win for advertisers and users. Even if displaying only an ad or two a session, it still has to be done delicately without obstructing the user experience, but by integrating something worthwhile into that experience, advertising transforms from “selling” to adding value.

Going Premium


Forcing ads down people’s throats and pushing away once-loyal customers is not the answer, nor is it the only option. Not everyone wants an ad-obstructed experience, and some may even be willing to pay for it.

For example, let’s assume a major social network averages $26 a year per user from advertising. If they provided the option to pay $25, or even $30, for a full year without having to see one advertisement, would you consider it?  We love free tools and resources, but wasting our time with ads and spam is a cost that many of us can do without.

Ad experiences should, and hopefully will, transition into something of value. Instead of having to wait 30 seconds until we get to continue our lives, maybe we’ll be able to choose to take 30 seconds to do something we want, whether that’s purchasing Star Wars tickets online for a discount, watching a movie trailer to win a sweepstakes, or get a dollar off our lunch at Chipotle. And if we don’t want any ads, we can pay a small premium to avoid them altogether.

Postly is on the “ads don’t have to suck” bandwagon, and promise not to disrupt the experience of our users with obtrusive ads. We welcome you to give Postly a chance and to experience how we believe social media should be.

What would make your app experience just as smooth while still being advertised to? Would you rather pay to avoid ads?

  • Aron Beierschmitt, Postly Founder & CEO

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