Posts of Annoyance: 9 Annoying Types of Social Media Messages

Social media gives everyone an opportunity to share their message with the world, and if you’ve spent more than a minute viewing what your friends post online – it’s abundantly clear that this can be dangerous. At first, what we see on a daily basis is funny and entertaining, but as time goes by, we develop pet peeves, and things that we used to enjoy start annoying the crap out of us. On top of what our friends post, each social network has its own quirks that make it unique and features that some of us love, and others are driven away because of.  

From game invites to posts someone should’ve just kept to themselves, there’s a lot out there to annoy us. Here’s our take on the top nine most annoying things about social media.

#1. !!NOISE!!

Do this, play that, friend me, here’s a message, here’s a chat, how about a poke? Our social media channels are at a volume of 10 and they’re creating new numbers to turn it up to everyday.

Our profiles all started as an easy way to connect with people we know, they then started to expand and it hasn’t stopped since. We now have friend and follower lists in the thousands and everyone we’ve ever had a class with, worked with, or passed by on the street is a part of our social experience. In addition to the information coming from out contacts, we’re bombarded by ads, spam, and other unwanted messages by the second. Things get so cluttered that we need to download ten apps just to properly use one social media tool.

The social networks that are gaining traction now are focusing on helping limit the noise, instead of turning it up. Just look at Snapchat, or networks focused on a specific channel, like After School with schools.

#2. People Bashing

We all have our moments of frustration, but when did posting these frustrations to the world become a requirement?

Here are a few gems that recently showed up in my news feed: “10 years ago today I said “I love you” to my wife for the first time. That was dumb.” “My dog is more reliable than any man I’ve ever met…including my husband.” “Alright, we’re breaking up, but I’m takin back my favorite sweatshirt.” Okay, the last one was made up, but you get the picture. Posting to 500 people to put down one is not an efficient format for conflict resolution.

#3. Pushing Politics

With the political season coming up fast, get ready to read everyone’s opinion on the ol’ same tired debates. If we want to discuss politics, there’s probably more appropriate arenas to discuss them than to all of our online ‘friends.’ Broadcasting to all still has its benefits when trying to make a change in the world, but pushing political views on others who have their minds already made up can do more harm than good, and it’s one of the fastest ways to get us to ‘unfriend.’

#4. Nonstop Notifications

Our lives don’t run on likes and favorites…or at least they shouldn’t. Instead of spending hours managing notification preferences or sorting through 100 emails to see what’s worth responding to or not, how about we decide what we want to see? If you agree, like, share, favorite, and poke this article so I can receive four notifications in my inbox.

#5. Lack of context

Have you ever walked up to a group of people talking during the middle of a joke? Social media news feeds are full of funny stories and inside jokes, but for most of us viewing a message, it goes right over our heads. Sure, we could have someone go back over the whole joke so we understand what they’re talking about, but it’s easier just to let it go. Groups help people connect with a similar story and conversation, but crowded news feeds and random updates from strangers do nothing to add value to our lives or social media experience.

#6. Clickbait

It’s hard to go anywhere online without being baited to click on something you had no intention of visiting. Recommendations from trusted sources help us find new and interesting things to do and content to read and watch, but how many times does a clickbait image or article fail to deliver — how about 100%?

#7. Useless Metrics

Seriously, what are likes or favorites really worth? When we communicate with others, it’s not about getting a thumbs up or thumbs down. Actual engagement and starting conversations are much more important and beneficial than a virtual pat on the back.

#8. Begging from Strangers

“I need someone to help me move, who can help?”

“This blender is so awesome and now only $200. Who wants to buy it for me?”

“Looking for a job, let me know if you know of anything.”

If you haven’t seen a variation of one of the three above, you’re one of the lucky ones. Networking and relationship building has gone out of the window in favor of just throwing a message out to thousands hoping to get one bite. Nobody likes a beggar.

#9. SPAM

Spam is just as desirable as the canned mystery meat. Allowing websites, apps, and games to post for you on social media helps get you access to cool tools and websites, but is it worth spamming your friend list for eternity? Automatic posting is just one of hundreds of forms of spam on social media networks, and there are probably many more forms to come in the near future.

We can’t stop you or your friends from posting about their mean boyfriends or radical political views, nor would we want to, but Postly gives you the option to share messages with the groups and individuals who will most appreciate it, and save other messages for the rest of your network. Find out how Postly can make your social media experience simpler and a little less annoying. Sign up today –

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