A Better Social Media Experience: Postly’s Groups, Threads, and Stories

Likes, favorites, retweets, heart-shaped icons, followers, friends, news feeds, collections…when did social media get so complicated, and does it really have to be this way?

Maybe complicated is the wrong word. It feels like every network claims to be “simple” and “easy-to-use,” but when designed to take as much of our time as possible because it’s what’s profitable, is it really simple?

Well…not all social media services approach what they provide solely as a way to make money, and that includes Postly. At Postly, we believe valuable social networks are compiled of three things — groups, threads, and stories. We’ve stripped down what you once knew as a news feed and have banished likes…but you’ll love it.

Does that seem “simple?” Well, it is. Here’s a quick look into each of our three components, and why they’re vital to an enjoyable and beneficial social media experience.



Not every conversation is meant for everyone, nor are they all intended to be between two people. Organizations, associations, political parties, companies, and even families show us the importance of groups in our everyday lives. Not only do groups work well within physical groups, but they are vital to online communities.

Look at where the roots of Facebook grew from. It started as a group-based social network; allowing students within a school to share with each other. They then began to spread their wings and switched to a broadcast-to-all model. In 2010, Facebook revamped their group feature, and although it may just be a coincidence or a small piece of the puzzle, it was their greatest year of growth with a 69% increase in active users.

Postly knows the power and importance of groups, and wants to give that power to each user; allowing them to create and manage their own groups and who they want to share with. It takes less than a minute to setup a group and what you share in a group stays in the group. Check out Postly Groups here.



Text messaging opened up a whole new way to communicate one-on-one virtually. From messaging to live chats, threads go back to AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and are still being developed in new ways, just look at SnapChat.

Threads 5.png

Threads are individual channels that allow two people, like best friends, a couple, or two people working on a project together to keep each other updated while being able to conveniently keep track of the conversation. It’s private and easy to use.



News feeds are a crowded mess, but they’ve been able to stick around because we like to see what our friends and family members are up to and to keep them updated on what we’re working on.

Instead of throwing our thoughts into a deep well where a few people who want to hear them get that opportunity, stories allow members to see messages without disrupting their experience.
Friends Open 13.png

Postly’s Stories are like the titles of books on a shelf. You can skip to the next title or dive deep into the book you’re interested. With news feeds, you’re given portions of chapters that aren’t relevant to you and force you to skim through the full book to even find the title or decide which to look into further.

See how groups, threads, and stories will give you a better and simpler social media experience by signing up for what we believe is the coolest and best way to keep people you care about posted — Postly.

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