Back to the Basics of Social Media – Why Phone Contacts are Where to Start

Be honest; how many Facebook notifications do you have currently? 5, 10, 20? That is, if you still use Facebook.

We are all drowning in these useless notifications and irrelevant feeds. We have too many “friends,” too much noise, and too little context to make sense of or care about the majority of what we see through our profiles on a daily basis. I no longer see the engagement or actual conversations that were occurring in the early days of Facebook and other social networks.  The Facebook algorithm simply can’t sort through the noise, and I don’t want a machine telling me what I should or shouldn’t check out based on what I’ve liked.

When did the act of logging into Facebook transition from something we were excited about to a necessary chore? There’s no fear of missing out (FOMO) when it comes to Facebook anymore. If anything, we don’t login due to the fear of wasting time.

The people we actually care to stay connected with are now a subset of our friends or follower lists. So where does the true social network lie? How can we get back to the days when social media mattered and we were excited to see what our actual friends were up to?

Here’s a hint…it starts with your phone. The collection of contacts on your smartphone represents a group of people who (for the most part) are willing to take your call or text. Outside of a couple random numbers you’ve forgotten to erase, the address book is where you keep the people you love and want to stay in touch with. Connecting with them is a click or two away with a phone call or text message, which is how it should be.

Instead of uploading your entire email contact list or your portfolio of Facebook friends, the foundation of your Postly experience will be connecting with your phone contacts. We won’t limit you to only connecting with people who are in your phone address book, but we also won’t attempt to convince you to add everyone you’ve ever come across. We believe in building relationships that you care about, not tagging a million people in a pic or poking people so maybe they will like you. Postly will remain your clean and private social safehaven when the rest of the online social world gets too noisy.

Are you really still excited to login each day to your social media accounts, or does it feel more like a chore? Get back the social media experience you used to enjoy.

We welcome you to give Postly a shot because we won’t overload you with a news feeds – we empower you to share want you want with who you want.

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