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Fellow Posters,

We are starting a new mini-series featuring real Postly users. As we grow it’s important to showcase how people are using the app. So without further ado –

Meet Tara K. – Tara is a food scientist, triathlete, outdoor enthusiast and documentary lover.


How do you use Postly today?

I use Postly to share things with my boyfriend and well, our friends! We really do have a great list of items bookmarked in our thread and friend groups. I really enjoy sharing pictures on Postly because of the quality and the ability to zoom in and out on the details. It’s almost like a bookmark place for all of our links/pictures/stories. We have a great music thread where we post all of the great songs we find. It’s almost like a library for me when I need a little pick me up music at work.

In what ways do you find Postly unique from other networks?

It’s all content. I don’t have to scroll through message after message to get to that one link that was mentioned in a conversation. The conversation happens around the content itself which makes it easier to navigate.


I don’t have to scroll through

message after message to get to that

one link that was mentioned

in a conversation.

How does Postly complement your interests/hobbies?

I usually find a lot of interesting sports articles and videos that I like to save and share with friends. This can be anything from “800ers’ Thoughts During XC” to Mara Abbott’s recap of her race in Rio. I like to post pictures of recent trips or events that I’ve done and Postly is great for that because there’s usually one or two pictures that really capture that weekend. I don’t feel the need to post all of my pictures in an album for everyone.

How does Postly encourage you to “be yourself”?

Honestly, I share a lot more on Postly because it is so private. I don’t have to worry about what the rest of the world will think if I post a link because no one else will see it except for the people I choose. I don’t have to adjust and re-adjust my privacy settings like I do on Facebook. It’s very simple and I appreciate simplicity. Most people probably avoid posting things on Facebook nowadays because it is so public. Postly lets me share things without having to worry about being judged. It’s like a private bookmarking space for my friends and I.



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