Introducing Discover!

Fellow Posters,

We are excited today to announce the latest update to our mobile application v1.12! It comes with a host of new features, one of which is our discovery section.

Now you can get ”real” news, information and entertainment that interests you without leaving Postly. Discover is a great way to share content and articles with your friends and family. See something you want to share? Want to get your best friend’s take or spark a conversation? The Repost feature lets you effortlessly spread quality content privately within your own network.

Channels - first land@2x.png

When you open Postly, you’ll notice the bottom navigation menu has changed, enabling you to select the discovery channels that you like–general news, pop culture, fashion, sports, food, games, comedy etc… You choose your channels and then just tap one for the latest content. You can add or remove channels at any time. Best of all, they won’t intrude on the posts people share with you!

Open Postly now and select your channels. Don’t forget the Postly bookmarking feature for interesting information that you want to retrieve later!

As always, we’d love your feedback on this new feature! Please send comments to

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