Upcoming Product Updates!

Hello Fellow Posters!

Wow – It’s has been really long time since our last update. The Postly team has been hard at work on some exciting updates that we want to share with you now.

Introducing Highlights –

We’ve heard your feedback on our Discovery section. In general, you seem to love having access to all your favorite channels in one place. That said, sometimes you just want to view recent content across all of your channels in one place. To facilitate this we have built a highlights feature that sits at the top of your discovery page. Clicking on highlights takes you to a view where you can swipe through content at your leisure. We always show you the most recent content across all of your channels. In the future, we may add a random factor similar to StumbleUpon. Our goal is to make your interaction with highlights a fun and sometimes surprising experience.

Introducing Kudos –

giphy (1)
Kudos are a great way to thank friends for sharing great content. In the future, we’ll allow searching on content you’ve Kudo’d in the past. When you click the kudo button your friend gets a notification telling them that you Kudo’d their post.

This is just the beginning and we are very excited to iterate on this feature with your feedback.

As always you can send feedback to team@postly.co. We love hearing from fellow posters

– Team Postly

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